Tuesday, February 26, 2008


its time to start studyin motherfucker..

offer and acceptance:

offer - statement by one party of a willingness to enter into contract on stated terms

ITT - willingness to enter into negotiation, hoping it will lead to an offer

Gibson v Man City Council - distinguish offer and ITT

pharmaceutical society of GB v boots cash chemists - contract formed when goods placed on desk

fisher v bell - (flick knives) display in shop is ITT

partridge v crittenden - (sell birds) advertisement is ITT

in auction, contract formed when hammer fall

carlill v carbolic smoke ball co. ltd - advertisement to the world at large , unilateral offer


routledge v grant - withdraw anytime b4 acceptance

dickinson v dodds - revocation must be communicated b4 acceptance but can be thru reliable 3rd party

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