Wednesday, February 6, 2008


okay. stop thinkin of upgrading my pedal collection, and save money for a bass guitar! =)

oh wait.. or should i go for the mockingbird first? and pimp it up...

THIS, is a mockingbird.

right now i'm seriously broke. just waiting for cny angpow.

and yes! i finally got the daisy chain thingy from woh fatt. now i can power 3 of my pedals with one adaptor! and the stupid batteries i put in my pedals died after a day. i guess what they say is true - to unplug the cable from your pedal if you're not using it, if not the battery will be used up even though it's not activated. silly me for not listening.

april, farewell gig for kanzy. perhaps farewell gig for all of us too? exams coming and stuffs. gee we gotta enjoy ourselves AND kick ass.

You have to type the 1st thing that
comes to mind whenever you hear these
things.You can’t think and go back and change
your answers.
1. Beer: carlberg
2. McDonald's: mcflurry
3. Relationships: woo hoo
4. Purple: barney
5. Power Rangers: gogo power rangers
6. Weed: yes please
7. Steroids: muscle
8. Cartoons: spongebob
9. The Presiden: fucker
10. Tupperware: box
11. Florida: beer
12. Santa Claus: fat ass
13. Halloween: jack the ripper
14. Alice: in chains
15. Grammar: manglish
16: Myspace: yourspace
17. Clowns: cute
18. Marriage: babies

Alright, here's the toshiya tribute pics!

TOSHIYA of Dir en Grey

and another bassist!

HEATH of X-Japan

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