Thursday, February 7, 2008

another day

i was searching around the net for used EMG pickups, or whatever pickups that i can get my hands on. wait, correction, whatever BRUTAL pickups i can get my hands on. apparently i sent a sms to someone who advertised his EMG 81/85 combo and he said he sold it almost a year ago. how weird could it be to receive a sms from an unknown person who wants to buy something you sold a year ago. haha! and that's why, please update your thread and at least say "SOLD" so that dimwits like me won't embarass myself.

ok so i sort of laid out my plans for my next guitar. a mockingbird, equipped with brutal sounding pickups. hopefully i can get them 2nd hand because i probably won't have that much money even after new year. something in the midst of RM250 per pickup would be reasonable. although i'm more keen in changing the bridge pickup. heck, i think i'd only be using the bridge pickup as this guitar would be my dedicated metal in-your-face distortion motherfucker >=)

okay, first day of new year. what could be worse? chinese new year songs everywhere. on the radio, TV, neighbor's hi-fi.. my god. even the fireworks won't spare me at night. well, even NOW.


hide's guitar, at the usual place where he stands during live shows (shooting of I.V. music video)


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