Monday, February 25, 2008


19 yrs old........... n stil the youngest among my friends haha!

watched vantage point just now.. freakin good movie although the repeat of the incidents (especially before the shooting) is kinda boring. explosion over n over again. but the way the story unfolds is just awesome !!

geez at first wanted to get a tattoo for this birthday but ... i don't have money!!!

wanted to do something like a pattern around my current tattoo.. something like the ESP logo on the side of my blog.

oh yeah thanks to everyone who wished me happy birthday. this year was indeed one long-ass nice 'celebration'. started from friday (23rd feb), and its gona stretch until 1st of March. feel that now its time to rekindle my relationship with all ma old friends, and not forgetting the new ones too..

and no, my birthday target wasn't achieved. i didn't get drunk or wasted. =(

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