Friday, February 22, 2008

fuck you

here's another of my 'emo moment before something happens' syndrome.

well, usually i'd get emo before i go through something which is considered, well, 'something' la! like, xmas, new year, and especially birthdays. yeah there's only 3 more days to my birthday. and weeks before this , i was planning to have a 3 day party-like-fuckin-hell weekend. which means friday nite, saturday nite and sunday nite drinkin shitloads of booze until i can't remember my name. that was my plan for this birthday.

as u can see, every birthday i just NEED to do something memorable. well, i just need to do something unique or something that i don't always do. and for you to read that 'alvinkei doesn't get drunk often, or doesn't drink alot often' because (read up) I DONT HAVE THE FUCKING DRINKING KAKI.

yes, this post is dedicated to my fuckin complaints of not drinking enough, and staying sober for too long. i remembered the last real time that i got high was back in august last year. pathetic eh? half a year gone and i've never really gotten high. it SUCKS being sober for too long. some weekends i get the real urge to drink and drink and drink, chugging down pints of beer throughout the night. but? but NO, i dont have the drinking kaki. i only have like, what, FIVE (or maybe less than that) people whom i can actually call out. and all of them don't fucking drink.

oh yeah! laugh away - i'm considered a clubbing virgin. how pathetic is that.

let me see, i pierced my ear on 25th feb 2006.

i dont remember what the fuck i did on 25th feb 2007. seriously, i don't know. i just know that it was a real fucked up period of time. i didn't really enjoy myself, but was depressed instead.

25th feb 2008? what awaits me?

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