Thursday, January 31, 2008


wooo tiring day today.

rained like hell after class, called up my piano teacher to postpone the class to saturday 5.30pm (ah yes i'll be staying at yamaha the whole day again.)

went over to midvalley to celebrate ma fren's birthday. eric if u ever happen to stumble upon this blog, happy birthday. pretty glad with my progress in brickfields asia college so far. making new friends along the way and stuffs. still remembered how i dread going to college in the beginning of the course because i didn't really know anyone there and i was such a social coward. i guess things are pretty going my way recently. =)

still having some backache. hopefully it gets well by saturday.

tried two guitars in bentley today with jie juan. ibanez SA120 (his target) and another SA series guitar, neck thru! what i liked about the SA120 is although it is bolt-on, it's relatively cheap compared to squiers and it's almost the same price for some china-made guitar or a budget guitar. for 25% off (3 days only) it's around 800. it's a H-H guitar, and both the humbuckers sound pretty good for the price you're paying.

next, tried the neck thru SA. i'm still very tone deaf regarding the body wood and maple top or whatever that is.... but didn't quite like its H-S-S configuration, which was same like my yamaha pacifica. that's why i changed mine to H-S-H. didn't quite like the single coil neck pickup. doesn't give much of a fat tone that i'm craving for. single coils with distortion gives that thin weedy tone and most of the times the sound of your pick is loud too. nevertheless, i can't quite judge a guitar yet because i'm still a newbie. all my love goes to humbuckers for the moment.

oh yea! i stumbled upon this in bentley:

going for RM980. =)

and to end the day, i love this line : FUCK FEAR , DRINK BEER. courtesy of amanda

carlsberg for the win! <3

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

for one

dedicated this post to my key-kanzy-boardist

Betrayal, as a form of deception or dismissal of prior presumptions, is the breaking or violation of a presumptive social contract (trust, or confidence) that produces moral and psychological conflict within a relationship amongst individuals, between organizations or between individuals and organizations. Often betrayal is the act of supporting a rival group, or it is a complete break from previously decided upon or presumed norms by one party from the others.

I can't take this life
Stab me in the back

Wipe out my life "Bask in blood"
Dripping from your heart
Destroy this world "Drive me mad"
Don't need nothing in my life

-Yoshiki , 'stab me in the back'-

dont give a damn about those who stab you in the back
i experienced it, if not one, several times over the past few years. just look up and know that there is a brighter tomorrow and let the rain wash away all your grief. cheer up girl.

you owe me MANY meals.

feb coming

february is coming. and this is the month with probably the most things happening (for me, at least).

first off is chinese new year. geez i dread chinese new year because i'll have to wear new clothes, look neat and presentable, visit relatives and long lost friends and not knowing what to say (besides asking for more beer and bak gua). one thing i realise is that i never really wear my CNY clothes. every year my mum would keep bugging me to buy new clothes.. and being the stingy fuck i am, i would just buy cheap ass clothes when i don't feel like shopping (and i'm cash-strapped at the moment). i could still remember the times when i spent 80% of my money on clothes and the other 20% on food. right now i think it would be 90% on equipment, 5% on food, and 5% on transportation.

next would be valentine's day.

and last would be my birthday. still having no idea on how to celebrate my birthday this year. every year i'd plan my own birthday. funny eh? just so freakin weird when i plan other people's birthdays and yet no one plans mine. i always had this 'dream birthday' for the past few months.. where i hold a private party at a venue, and invite my friend's bands over for a casual session, inviting anyone (think of it as a gig) who feels like coming, and free drinks would be provided i guess. but seeing the budget that i'm on right now, i couldn't even afford to sponsor the drinks!

so what's realistic right now? here are the few options:

1. go clubbing (im not a regular clubber so..........this is something unique for me? haha)

2. set up a gig, sacrifice my next targeted equipment and sponsor the booze!

3. another 'party' in my house. omg =\

4. picnic in the park with lots of booze

okay by looking at all the options, i could only make up one conclusion = i'm craving for alcohol

Monday, January 28, 2008

a tribute to carlsberg




what a cool city =)

The village is known to have existed as "Fucking" since at least 1070 and is named after a man from the 6th century called Focko. "-ing" is an old Germanic suffix indicating the people of the root word to which it is attached; thus Fucking means "(place of) Focko’s people." The village has a population of 93.

Fucking's most famous feature is a traffic sign with its name on it, beside which tourists often stop to have their photograph taken. It is a commonly stolen street sign. Significant amounts of public funds have been spent on replacing the stolen signs.

In 2004, mainly due to the stolen signs, a vote was held on changing the village's name, but the residents voted against doing so. In August 2005, the road signs were replaced with theft-resistant signs welded to steel and secured in concrete to prevent further chances of the sign being stolen.


when i'm too free, i lurk around on the internet and fill myself with more urge to get equipments way beyond my skill level and budget.

and this time it's a digitech whammy pedal. which allows you to do stuffs that you do on the whammy bar / floyd rose (which my pacifica doesn't have). the price? not sure. going down to bentley to check it out later.

feel free to take the fun tests on the side of the page just like i did =)

$4050.00The Cadaver Calculator - Find out how much your body is worth.

145,721 People
avk & niki @ ???

Sunday, January 27, 2008


tag tag tag tag tag.. >.<
Is Valentine's Day important to you?
used to be not important but now i suppose it is?

Do you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend?
what do you think?

How long have you been in a relationship with him/her?
quit being a fuckin busybody

Do you have a crush?
i have a crush on miyavi, kyo, yoshiki and toshiya

What do you think of him / her?
THEY are so brilliant with their music

What is the best Valentine's Day celebration you ever had?
stop asking damnit

What type of girl/guy you like?

What is your perfect Valentine's Day?
candlelight dinner on top of a hill overlooking the seas. and there's a grand piano right there while i play some tunes, and my date lies on top of the grand piano =)

What do you want for your Valentine's Day?
no idea

Do you believe in TRUE LOVE?
no idea


1.What was your dream during your childhood?
to have many real pokemons. i thought pokemons were real pets.

2.You like rainy days or sunny days? Why?
none. i hate rain, and i hate the sun

3.Which colour do you like most? Black or White?

4.Whom would you marry to?
a woman?

5.Where would you want to go most? Why?
college. cos staying at home is boring

6.Which part of yourself you love the most?

7.When you encounter a sad moment, what would you do?
be emo lar of course =)

8.What are you afraid of losing most?
my hair. XD

9.If you met someone you love, would you confess to him/her? Or just keep it secret, observing by yourself?
observe. im a frickin shy bastard

10.List out 3 good points of the one who tag you.? [lynnette oon]
erm.. she listens to my bullshit, she's funy, and she's friendly

11.What are the requirements that you wish for your another half?
anything i'm not

12.Till now, what is the moment you regret most?
no idea

13.Which type of person you hate most?
stuck-up assholes

14.What is your ambition?
A PRODUCER !!!!!!!!

15.Would you rather be someone else at this very moment?
nope. although i always wished i was

16.If you can have 2 dreams to come true, what would it be?
can play piano like yoshiki
can have a pet dog =(

17.What do you think is most important in your life?
definitely music

18.Who's your favourite cartoon character?

19.What will you do if the world ends tomorrow?
eat lots of chocolates

20. The most worthwhile decision you've ever made in your life so far?
no idea. i have real bad memory

top 5 guitar wishlist

=) here's a top 5 list of the guitars that i'd love to own.

currently i'm using a yamaha pacifica 112J, modified with seymour duncan sh-12 (bridge) and '59 (neck).

(this is an upgraded version of the Forest line)

(this is a Les Paul copy, but the single cutaway is sharper than that of a Les Paul's. loving the EMG 81/60 combo)

3. ESP SV -FR-
(people would say it's a Jackson RR3 copy? I'm not sure either. Alexi Laiho's guitar shape, but here it's with a neck pickup)

(Hide of X-Japan's guitar! this is a must have. and i AM going to get this once i start earning my own salary in the future, no matter how much it costs)

(the out-of-production Reindeer. the Forest replaced it)

alright i know how people would flame me about loving ESP guitars and not Gibson or Fender. don't misjudge me, i do like Gibsons and Fenders but having one isn't as rare as having an ESP here in Malaysia. besides, i admit that i'm a sucker for cool/weird shaped guitars.

on another side note, i also love the shape of the Telecaster, but haven't really tried a real one yet. this one caught my eye, Jim Root's Telecaster (slipknot) equipped with EMG 81/60

and yeappp, i'm a horrible ESP fan boy!

went to midvalley today with my parents. supposed to buy some new year clothes (which i dont really want to because i'd rather spend my money on pedals or guitar-related stuffs). went into beatspot and saw a girl playin the guitar. looks soooooooooo familiar until i suddenly remembered who was it - haoto!

scouted around guitar shops with her for awhile and went to the arcade too.

haoto @ para para paradise



BLOODY SHIT... i cant sit properly, i cant walk properly, i cant lie down properly

all thanks to playing the guitar hunchbacked, and sitting in front of the computer being lazy.

DAMNIT... really damn pain u know, worse than having braces on, or even breaking my wrist.

been putting salonpas on my back for few days already and yet it still worsens. =(

very very moody these days due to stupid backache.

and i've got my big muff pi already

Friday, January 25, 2008


ahh woke up so early today.

u know what, two nights ago i sat on my bed.. and it broke. the wood which is supporting the mattress broke! aaargh this is so embarassing. XD

Thursday, January 24, 2008

what the

my left hand sucks so badly in piano now

to the extent that i feel like quitting again.

bad day for me.. =(

a pick for myself.

to give me inspiration =)

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


from 11am .. until 3pm.. just waiting for something to happen

i guess the only thing i could look forward to is the big muff as a new member of my pedal collection this saturday.

And on the wings of a dream, so far beyond reality;
All alone in desperation, now the time has gone.
Lost inside you'll never find, lost within my own mind,
Day after day this misery must go on!

anything else to look forward to? i have no idea. cny is coming, and one thing for sure - i hate cny. i dont like seeing people that you never really knew much except for their names and face, expressing courtesy just because it's cny. i hate it when we have to clean our houses because it's cny. damnit, who the heck is going to visit anyway? there's probably nothing i could look forward to. my interest in studies also watered down.

what am i interested in? i seemed to have given up in almost everything. i always wanted to be a musician/producer but staying in this place would get me to nowhere.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008


the ts-9 was actually 530, not 330. lol!

but right now i have another pedal in mind.

went over to tonezone this afternoon and spent more than 3 hours there chatting with chris and trying out the pedals and amps. supposed to try out the metal muff and the metal core. the metal core had alot of low end, very bass-driven tone. perfect for trash metal stuff like dir en grey. but true to its reputation, the micro metal muff had more tone definition and is clear even at high gain.

but another thing that caught my eye was the once-ignored big muff. i tried it before but didn't really like it, but today i learnt how to abuse the pedal - it gives freaking long sustain, and gives u a 'boost' - you get high gain, and brilliant feedback! that's what i need =) the last time i tried it, didn't really like the fuzz sound that it gives because i preferred stuffs like metal core then. now, i think i know how to appreciate the big muff

everyone wants a piece of the 'pi' =D

glad that i can somehow do a LITTLE sweep picking and pinch harmonics lately.

been improving more these few days. =)


im broke.

actually im not really broke, but im eyeing on another pedal AGAIN.

something's wrong with the TW-1 that i bought.. i think the contact is a little rusty..will probably take it to the shop n let them inspect it.

this time the pedal im looking at is........
actually wanted to get this as a birthday present for someone, but.. if i like it then i'll just keep it =)

the ibanez tubescreamer TS-9. some overdrive pedal which really keeps your tone.
haven't really tried it yet, but it's one of the most sought after pedal after the TS-808.

save money save money!!! rm330!!!

can't wait.


i didn't know HOW could i do sweep picking, or at least improved a whole lot!

i never practised at all, but last night i tried sweep picking on a classical slowly.. and today i tried it on my electric guitar for fun, and somehow i've got the hang of it already.

and pinch harmonics too.. i could agak agak the places to scream.

well, spent my afternoon with niki in midvalley today. quite nice spendin hours talkin n talkin about everything. then i received a sms from my college (yes, they send sms to students haha) regarding tuesday's class - CANCELLED. and it also says "enjoy your thaipusam" XD

is there a reason to be happy? i don't know. i have 2 days off, and i hope that there's something going on tomorrow night. so i won't have to spend another "im-too-free-but-theres-nothing-for-me-to-do" emo night.

sweet video of alexi laiho vs janne warman of Children of Bodom

Monday, January 21, 2008


read my words:


no, im not going to TRY to, but I AM GOING TO.

its time i pick my ass up and read some notes.

and now i should save my cash to fund for this amp:

the marshall valvestate vs15~ going to buy it for (less) than rm350 from another player. i don't think i'll have enough cash to settle for a brand new one. besides, its around 1 year old, so i'll test it probably on friday and only decide.

another plan would be getting my friend's mockingbird and modding it (i have a penchant for modding things), fitting in SD blackouts or EMGs at the bridge. i want a guitar to play drop tuning stuffs, and heavy tones.

EMG 81


Sunday, January 20, 2008

fuckin go on diet u fat ass

Everyone is bound to give in to temptation (hello, hot fudge sundae) from time to time. The danger isn't a single splurge but letting it become an excuse for an all-out binge. Call it the "I've already blown it so I might as well eat the entire bag of Oreos" syndrome.

after 3 months of playin guitar during my free time and never stepping out of the house to exercise, giving in to my morning urge to wallop maggi goreng, i unconsciously put on 5kg.

i just realised it when i went to shop for new year clothes (yeah, forced by my mum) and i couldn't quite fit in the normal size of tshirts that i buy.

its funny for a guy to go on diet but i'd better if i'm going to live healthily after spoiling my body so bad with beer and stuff.


had a bad evening today. plans were off and i had nothing to do for the whole night.

just hate that feeling when you're home alone, u can do anything u want, but there's no agenda at all, nor anyone to go out with. what happens in the end? you'll get a screaming alvinkei chugging down bottles of beer in front of the pc.

congrats to my friend seikan for entering the finals of the pwtc band competition i wanted to enter so badly. it was just the fucking opportunity i was looking for - a band competition where it's judged based on crowd reaction. damn.

very very emo just now.

like, very.

and the longer i play the guitar through my keyboard amp, the more i feel like selling off my phone to get a proper guitar amp. and perhaps gather the money that i'd get from cny, and get a nice amp around 1k+

really felt like smashing things around my house just now. somehow boredom has driven me to the point where i feel that nothing ever matters, and i just need to let out my massive frustration of having nothing to do by destroying things all around. but i didn't, and did something and bloody burst a vein in my wrist. could see the wrist becoming really red.. and painful.

Saturday, January 19, 2008


what is it that makes you feel like going back into the past and reliving it once more? do you get the feeling that you really miss the things that you once went through? i kinda regret not making diaries, or taking pictures, or taking videos of the things that i did in the past. the fun that i had, the company that i enjoyed, the naive boy in me, the innocent things that i do.

it's shocking to grow up. as much as i'd love to grow up, earn a living and make a name for myself, i'd also love to relive my days once more. heartbreaking, it is, to find out that someone is just living their last days recently. but does it really make me think twice on cherishing things that i have? or am i still crazy over getting things that i want?

yeah it's true, i'm having another round of emo-burst. like i'm having period or something.

finally i've learnt how to do some pinch harmonics today. been experimenting different positions on the guitar strings today and somehow nailed some =)


one moment ago i felt melancholic.

now i feel blank and stoned. i've been staring at the blank screen for awhile.

feel a little torn between myself, and the surroundings around me. what do i really want? what do i really want to be? what kind of person i am? i don't really know. most people would say that your surroundings would determine the kind of person you are. but what happens when you're always changing the surroundings? lets say, changing sets of friends every few hours. i don't seem to have a fixed group or clique to belong to. u and i both know that it's called socialising and expanding your network, but this has really made me feel lost.

even my group of friends are very different from one another. one group may be the quiet and goody goody group, and the other would be the total opposite. well i'm caught in between. am i considered goody goody, or a wildchild? i really don't understand. i've really been trying to find my identity ever since i left kdu. things hasn't gone really well for me. perhaps i'm still lost, and there's still a long way for me to go. i really don't know.

you would probably ask me, "with whom do you feel happy with?". i can't really answer that. i love doing dangerous shit, i love feeling safe. two contradicting things right? i really do not know. it depends on my mood actually. but recently i think i'm leaning more towards the dangerous shit part. =)

i suddenly have a craving for booze so badly.

where's the passion when it's needed the most? when i had passion, it wasn't a burden at all to do anything. even practising the piano or anything like that. now i don't really have the passion to do anything at all. there's like something missing in my life but i don't know what.

what does it take to feel alive?

Friday, January 18, 2008



mixed emotions today actually. there's some happiness, and a felt a little melancholic.

and damn, the song 'Dear God' is playing now on the shuffle list. well if you don't believe it you could always play the song from the imeem thingy on the right of the page.

adds more to your sentimental mood eh?

thanks amanda for giving me this great song =)

went out with my friends for dinner at italiannies. just came back actually, but pity that we couldn't stay back for drinks cos some of them had to go back early. somehow when a 'gathering' ends before 12 midnite, i feel like it isn't complete at all =( it's been a long while since i really drank and felt high. probably the last being few months ago?

ee ling and i

hopefully tomorrow night i can go out..

and what the hell wei, 2 people not coming for jamming tomorrow. geez.

somehow i realised that i have a very diverse taste in music. do jazz and metal go together? i doubt so eh? well to add to the variety, there's also funk, pop, r&b, rap, and the list goes on. and classics as well! can never forget those beatles, bee gees and abba songs.

here's a line from britney's song: "...wishing that heroes do truly exist."

i really wish that heroes do truly exist. one to mention would be my 'hero' (sounds pretty gay i know.) but that guy has brought me to love the piano. from the way he played, it was so mesmerising and intimidating as well. well maybe he's not really my hero, but my source of inspiration. and where the hell is yoshiki when i needed inspiration the most?

"one wrong note, it's a mistake. two notes, it's jazz."

Thursday, January 17, 2008


today's class was stressful. especially criminal law.

so many cases to remember.

so many sections and acts to remember.

so dead, i am.

didn't play the guitar for 2 days and my fingers are like dead now. what the heck.

i think i should dedicate one special day whereby i sit my ass down and play the piano for 4 hours, then play the guitar for 4 hours.yeah maybe lets list down my timetable for the week. it's about time that i have one already.

monday :

10-2pm guitar
3pm-7pm piano
10pm-1am study

tuesday - thursday :

10pm-1am study

friday :


saturday :

i guess nothing can be done today =)

sunday :

1pm-4pm : piano
4pm - 7pm guitar
10pm - 1am study.

WELL i think i can follow the timetable pretty strictly, except the only part which i have to watch out is ... study .

that's a really shocking word that strikes fear in me. =(

i finally bought a guitar cable, but sadly i still can't play for nuts on the guitar. everytime when i wana practise something, i need a peaceful state of mind. as in, there's nothing bothering me and my mind is geared towards doing whatever i wana do, even studying. currently i keep worrying about my studies actually, but never really had the mood to take out the book to study.

you know, i think i've unknowingly changed into a very reserved person on the inside. not to mention an emo person also. i realised that everytime there's a lot of things going on in my head, and i could never make quick decisions anymore. the more i hesitate, the worse i fail, and the worse i feel. when can i ever follow the words of 'Dont hesitate and go', and really make a difference with my hesitant mind? things aren't going so well in me recently. i'm weighing my wants and needs, as to whether to be the person who i really want to be, or just be who i am.

most people would tell me to be who i am, but for one thing, i doubt that i'll be happy being myself the current state i am in. and well the 'ideal' person that i want to be, i'd think that most reasonable people would dismiss it, saying that it's just absurd that such a type of image could be deemed as 'ideal'. well, i'm weird in a way. very weird, i would think. because most of the things i do, seems to go the opposite way of everyone is heading to.

for example when people head towards financial stability, i head towards, well i think you should know.


most of my friends know that i have this unhealthy ambition to become famous. and some of them already advised me, saying that people do the things they usually do, and because they were spotted by the right people, they became famous without even knowing it. and many would laugh at the "i wanna be famous" kind of mindset. it might sound stupid to others, but to me it doesn't. maybe i'm an attention seeker? maybe i have low self confidence? maybe i feel insecure? i really don't know. one thing for sure, i do love support. and especially when you're on the stage, feeding your energy on the applauses and cheers from people who love what you're doing. well that's the only thing i could do for now.

perhaps the only place where i am truly happy, the only place where i really feel at home, is the stage

anyways i took a 'how unmalaysian are you' quiz and here's my result:

Congratulations alvinkei, you are 30% not Malaysian.

That means you're as Malaysian as...

Michelle Yeoh!

How Un-Malaysian Are You?

i hate mornings

especially when you know that you have 5 hours of lectures in the afternoon. i'd rather have classes in the morning instead. feel so sleepy during the afternoon.

well here's my morning routine, which i'm trying NOT to follow now because it's.. unhealthy?

1. ravage the fridge for snacks
2. maggi goreng at mamak
3. neslo ais
4. newspaper

now i sorta realised where did my money go to. on average, i go to the mamak 3 times a day. sometimes 4. and everytime i go to the mamak, i'll be drinking neslo ais, lets say on average rm1.80 per glass. so everyday i'd be spending around rm6 on neslo ais itself. and lets say there's only 5 college days, which means i already spent rm30 a week on neslo ais. shocking?

and with the current urge to buy effect pedals, i doubt i can last another day before i ask my mum for next week's allowance. well actually i need cables more than pedals. all my cables are spoilt and i can't even play my guitar.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


friends come and go.

that was what i believed in for the past year.

but today there's a new sentence to add to that.

friends come and go, but they will come back again

went to curve with ma old kdu friends, and met some ex-classmates there too.

so i guess my statement was kinda true?

i was really really broke today. so let me list down the people whom i owe money to before i forget.

- ee ling (20)
- jun fang (17)
- kaizerin (a present)

< i look like i'm drunk. that's what she said

just realised that my parents are going for a wedding dinner this saturday and i'll be alone at home. so i'm going to kayz's house for somethin special! xD

anyways i got tagged. damn.

What does your name says about you?
1. Write out your full name as stated in IC
2. Bold the letters in your name
3. Tag 10 peeps


A: hot
B: loves people and sex
C: good kisser
D: can kick ur butt
E: has gorgeous eyes
F: loves people wild and crazy adore you
G: very outgoing
H: cute
I: loves to laugh and smile
J: is really sweet
K: crazy
L: very good kisser
M: Makes dating fun
N: easy to fall in love with
O: has one of the best personalities ever
P: popular with all types of people
Q: a hypocrite
R: good in bed
S: makes people laugh
T: smile to die for
U: is very sexual
V: not judgmental
W: very broad minded
X: never let people tell you what to do
Y: is loved by everyone

lets start anew

i forgot the password of my old blog, AGAIN.

i need massive support.


nop im not goin for any operation or anythin serious.


i'm going to start playin the piano again. and then maybe shift to the keyboards.

so what i really need is some support.. some encouragement.. so that i wouldn't quit another time.

i tried playing just now and i sucked so bad i didn't even know that it was me.

if anyone of you wana show some love, leave a comment for this post from time to time yeah. whenever i feel out of inspiration or feel like quitting, i'd come back and read all of it and boost my spirits up. =)

thank you.. i really do appreciate every comment, criticism, and guidance.


An irritable panda bear
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