Tuesday, February 5, 2008


ah finally got my ass up to head to the hardware store.

got some velcro to stick onto my pedals, onto a plank of plywood (haha!) to make a 'pedalboard'. yeah i know this is temporary, just to make my pedals neat and organised. and i fed them batteries so that they can be taken around without having to depend on power supply. actually i went to the electronics shop to ask for a 'daisy chain' and apparently the uncle doesn't know what it is. he thought i was asking for a steel chain or something like that and he answered me "we only sell electronics". after lurking around forums, i found out that Harmony in DU sells it. GOTTA HEAD THERE TOMORROW BEFORE THE CNY HOLS KICK IN! if not i'll never get that stupid daisy chain thing. oh yeah just for ur information, the daisy chain thing is like, from one adaptor, you can 'split' the head into a few. so usually one adaptor can power up one pedal. with the daisy chain, with one adaptor, you can power up a few pedals at once, depending on how many 'splits' the daisy chain has. usually three or five.

still never ready for cny. i hate buying new clothes when forced to. and that's why most of my cny clothes, u rarely see me wearing them after cny because either it feels too new, not really comfy to wear, or the material isn't really comfy because i bought it out of desperation (because if i don't buy any clothes my mum will nag at me). new year = new clothes bla bla bla.

and feeling a little nostalgic today. love x-japan =)

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