Friday, February 1, 2008

wow february

i'm still feeling the xmas and new year mood actually.

and still, i'm not really improving much on the guitar still. can't sweep to save my life either. ah, here's an example of sweep picking:


and if you still wana read, here's sweep picking =)

plus a vid:

i wana be able to sweep pick properly before my birthday. which means, clean and neat sweeps... gee such a hard task la =(

i just watched this old movie (1986) called Crossroads. it's about a kid who's on a journey to find a 'lost song' in the world of blues. pretty cool blues stuff in it!

if you can recognise, he's the boy from 'the karate kid'! and he's playing a telecaster! just love that vintage shape.

some pictures for me to get inspired to rock on hardcore

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