Friday, February 29, 2008


really no money to buy new guitar..

and i doubt that i'll have the time to play it either..

that's why im putting my D Sonic back on sale, hopefully someone buys it and puts it to good use =(

unless i can find a real cheapass guitar to fit it in.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


its time to start studyin motherfucker..

offer and acceptance:

offer - statement by one party of a willingness to enter into contract on stated terms

ITT - willingness to enter into negotiation, hoping it will lead to an offer

Gibson v Man City Council - distinguish offer and ITT

pharmaceutical society of GB v boots cash chemists - contract formed when goods placed on desk

fisher v bell - (flick knives) display in shop is ITT

partridge v crittenden - (sell birds) advertisement is ITT

in auction, contract formed when hammer fall

carlill v carbolic smoke ball co. ltd - advertisement to the world at large , unilateral offer


routledge v grant - withdraw anytime b4 acceptance

dickinson v dodds - revocation must be communicated b4 acceptance but can be thru reliable 3rd party

Monday, February 25, 2008


19 yrs old........... n stil the youngest among my friends haha!

watched vantage point just now.. freakin good movie although the repeat of the incidents (especially before the shooting) is kinda boring. explosion over n over again. but the way the story unfolds is just awesome !!

geez at first wanted to get a tattoo for this birthday but ... i don't have money!!!

wanted to do something like a pattern around my current tattoo.. something like the ESP logo on the side of my blog.

oh yeah thanks to everyone who wished me happy birthday. this year was indeed one long-ass nice 'celebration'. started from friday (23rd feb), and its gona stretch until 1st of March. feel that now its time to rekindle my relationship with all ma old friends, and not forgetting the new ones too..

and no, my birthday target wasn't achieved. i didn't get drunk or wasted. =(

its my birthdayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

yay yay yay

one year older

shud be more handsome

shud have longer hair

shud have bigger dick too hahahhaa

shud be smarter

shud be more pro in guitar

woo hoo...................

drunk drunk drunk


Sunday, February 24, 2008


alright here's a list of what i've received for my birthday:

KANZY - dog keychain

NIKI - big ass cadbury chocolate

DAD'S FRENS - angpows

MYSELF - metal muff

oh yea! i still have one ticket to redeem for the GSC birthday treat.

any places/restaurants give u free stuffs on your birthday?



my eyes..........


i got a dog from kanzy today..

okay not a real dog but a keychain dog. haha

alaa.. gona be 1 year older.. but not richer.. not handsomer.. not pro-er.. not 1337-er.. not luckier also (was i ever lucky?)

Friday, February 22, 2008

fuck you

here's another of my 'emo moment before something happens' syndrome.

well, usually i'd get emo before i go through something which is considered, well, 'something' la! like, xmas, new year, and especially birthdays. yeah there's only 3 more days to my birthday. and weeks before this , i was planning to have a 3 day party-like-fuckin-hell weekend. which means friday nite, saturday nite and sunday nite drinkin shitloads of booze until i can't remember my name. that was my plan for this birthday.

as u can see, every birthday i just NEED to do something memorable. well, i just need to do something unique or something that i don't always do. and for you to read that 'alvinkei doesn't get drunk often, or doesn't drink alot often' because (read up) I DONT HAVE THE FUCKING DRINKING KAKI.

yes, this post is dedicated to my fuckin complaints of not drinking enough, and staying sober for too long. i remembered the last real time that i got high was back in august last year. pathetic eh? half a year gone and i've never really gotten high. it SUCKS being sober for too long. some weekends i get the real urge to drink and drink and drink, chugging down pints of beer throughout the night. but? but NO, i dont have the drinking kaki. i only have like, what, FIVE (or maybe less than that) people whom i can actually call out. and all of them don't fucking drink.

oh yeah! laugh away - i'm considered a clubbing virgin. how pathetic is that.

let me see, i pierced my ear on 25th feb 2006.

i dont remember what the fuck i did on 25th feb 2007. seriously, i don't know. i just know that it was a real fucked up period of time. i didn't really enjoy myself, but was depressed instead.

25th feb 2008? what awaits me?

Thursday, February 21, 2008


this is THE shit!

booming bass,

crunching treble boost,

fucking versatile mids for death metal tone to 'alexi' tone..

this is my birthday present to myself <3


Wednesday, February 20, 2008


okay once again i didn't obey the rules that i set (damn rules, they're meant to be broken anyway)

and i got the METAL MUFF!

the metal muff is the sex!!!!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Death Note 3 (Japanese)

Director: Hideo Nakata
Starring: Youki Kudoh, Kenichi Matsuyama, Erika Toda & Megumi Sato
Genre: Action/Thriller

In Cathay Cineplexes 3 April 2008

A God of Death dropped a notebook which had the power to kill people. Light Yagami (Tatsuya Fujiwara) found the notebook and tried to become Kira, God of a new crime-free world by executing criminals with the notebook. L (Kenichi Matsuyama), a genius detective confronted Kira who was his toughest enemy ever. At last, L managed to close the case of Kira but had to pay a painful price. After making the hardest decision ever, another serious case confronts L. There are only 23 days left and without his best partner Watari (Shunji Fujimura), L has to solve the case all by himself for the very first time. What will happen to L? Is anything in the world going to be changed? The turbulent 23 days even L cannot predict awaits him. The most exciting and moving countdown has now begun!

(taken from cathay cineplexes website)

This focuses on L's last 23 days, after defeating Light. there's a new problem, but it has nothing to do with the death note.. but more of a virus. in this movie, we'll see the emergence of Near (the little boy who together with Mello defeats Light in the comic), but this time Near helps L solves this case!

omg omg omg!!!

i lined up at the Star's office for the 1st and 2nd movie, and even got into the newspaper for the 2nd movie.. and this time, i am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO going to line up for the 3rd movie!

im such a death note fanboy XD

Monday, February 18, 2008


here i have some things i must achieve by mid-March:

1. music resolutions

- improve on my pinch harmonics especially on the lower strings

- improve on my sweep picking (at least 2 more scales)

- look for inspiration for my piano progress

- STOP, i mean STOP looking at 2nd hand pickups/guitars after getting my second guitar

2. study resolutions

- memorise the damn law cases

- draw charts

3. health resolutions

- cut down on maggi goreng

- cut down on sambal

- work out at least 15mins a day if i'm going to get another tattoo

well here's the D Sonic in my hand:

Friday, February 15, 2008

free before the thunderstorm

ahh a week has passed again?

february.. hectic month indeed. now i'm planning on stuffs to do on my birthday. i'll have to celebrate with:

1. parents (one big dinner i suppose)

2. college friends (maybe?)

3. pre-BAC friends (if they're back)

4. bandmates

many plans, limited time. aaaaaargh! and i think this time i'll also buy a present for myself, like what i did during christmas!

and yeah, i've obtained another pickup :

DiMarzio D Sonic. heavy low motherfucker, it's MEANT for drop-tunings, hence its' initial name "Drop Sonic" before it changed to just "D Sonic"

Sunday, February 10, 2008


actually, this cny wasn't so bad after all.

and no, i'm not talking about the amount of cash i've collected from angpows. heck, i DIDNT EVEN OPEN A SINGLE ANGPOW YET. plan to just keep it in a box and start a 'piggy bank'. i always wanted to start a piggy bank to save $$ to get costly stuffs that i want. stuffs like guitar effect pedals, guitar pickups, guitars, and HOPEFULLY enough for a pet dog =)

had fun today in my house. now how often does that happen? most of the time i had my fun outside the house. but today was surprisingly different.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Vivian Hsu feat. SUGIZO

apparently sugizo and vivian hsu were a couple.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Miyavi feat. Sugizo

雅 -miyavi- - 陽の光さえ届かないこの場所で feat.SUGIZO P/V

Thursday, February 7, 2008

X-Japan - I.V.

Needles are piercing through my skin
I'll tell you the feeling, what it's like
Is life just all about deception?
Please don't be a part of a fairy tale
But desire
To play with my own will
Should I trade, the breath of my life, for freedom?

In the rain
I'm calling you dear
Find my way
Can't you see me standing right here?
Feel my pain
Life's bleeding from fear
Find its place
I will give it straight from my veins

This never meant I can't sit by
They say as if it takes me somewhere
Just let me swallow this faith by injection
Like its rushing to my head, my love
I've played with this game before
To find, a piece of my true self, lost within

In the rain
I'm calling you dear
Find my way
Can't you see me standing right here?
Feel my pain
Life's bleeding from fear
Find its place
I will give it straight from my veins

I'm feeling my pain
Do you feel where it's been?
Can you cope with history, of the world?
When it's sad part of life
Can set the shadow's fade
Forever fade away

I'm calling you dear
Can't you see me standing right here?
Life's bleeding from fear
I will give it straight from my veins

In the rain
I'm calling you dear
Find my way
Can't you see me standing right here?
Feel my pain
Life's bleeding from fear
Find its place
I will give it straight from my veins

hide's guitars:

hide's effects rig:


Ex-Pro ワイヤレス
パルマー SP SIM
DigiTech DHP-33
DigiTech DHP-33
DigiTech TSR-12
t.c.electronic 1210

Guyatone FLANGER

◆ 足元 ◆

DigiTech WHAMMY II *2

another day

i was searching around the net for used EMG pickups, or whatever pickups that i can get my hands on. wait, correction, whatever BRUTAL pickups i can get my hands on. apparently i sent a sms to someone who advertised his EMG 81/85 combo and he said he sold it almost a year ago. how weird could it be to receive a sms from an unknown person who wants to buy something you sold a year ago. haha! and that's why, please update your thread and at least say "SOLD" so that dimwits like me won't embarass myself.

ok so i sort of laid out my plans for my next guitar. a mockingbird, equipped with brutal sounding pickups. hopefully i can get them 2nd hand because i probably won't have that much money even after new year. something in the midst of RM250 per pickup would be reasonable. although i'm more keen in changing the bridge pickup. heck, i think i'd only be using the bridge pickup as this guitar would be my dedicated metal in-your-face distortion motherfucker >=)

okay, first day of new year. what could be worse? chinese new year songs everywhere. on the radio, TV, neighbor's hi-fi.. my god. even the fireworks won't spare me at night. well, even NOW.


hide's guitar, at the usual place where he stands during live shows (shooting of I.V. music video)


Wednesday, February 6, 2008


okay. stop thinkin of upgrading my pedal collection, and save money for a bass guitar! =)

oh wait.. or should i go for the mockingbird first? and pimp it up...

THIS, is a mockingbird.

right now i'm seriously broke. just waiting for cny angpow.

and yes! i finally got the daisy chain thingy from woh fatt. now i can power 3 of my pedals with one adaptor! and the stupid batteries i put in my pedals died after a day. i guess what they say is true - to unplug the cable from your pedal if you're not using it, if not the battery will be used up even though it's not activated. silly me for not listening.

april, farewell gig for kanzy. perhaps farewell gig for all of us too? exams coming and stuffs. gee we gotta enjoy ourselves AND kick ass.

You have to type the 1st thing that
comes to mind whenever you hear these
things.You can’t think and go back and change
your answers.
1. Beer: carlberg
2. McDonald's: mcflurry
3. Relationships: woo hoo
4. Purple: barney
5. Power Rangers: gogo power rangers
6. Weed: yes please
7. Steroids: muscle
8. Cartoons: spongebob
9. The Presiden: fucker
10. Tupperware: box
11. Florida: beer
12. Santa Claus: fat ass
13. Halloween: jack the ripper
14. Alice: in chains
15. Grammar: manglish
16: Myspace: yourspace
17. Clowns: cute
18. Marriage: babies

Alright, here's the toshiya tribute pics!

TOSHIYA of Dir en Grey

and another bassist!

HEATH of X-Japan

Tuesday, February 5, 2008


ah finally got my ass up to head to the hardware store.

got some velcro to stick onto my pedals, onto a plank of plywood (haha!) to make a 'pedalboard'. yeah i know this is temporary, just to make my pedals neat and organised. and i fed them batteries so that they can be taken around without having to depend on power supply. actually i went to the electronics shop to ask for a 'daisy chain' and apparently the uncle doesn't know what it is. he thought i was asking for a steel chain or something like that and he answered me "we only sell electronics". after lurking around forums, i found out that Harmony in DU sells it. GOTTA HEAD THERE TOMORROW BEFORE THE CNY HOLS KICK IN! if not i'll never get that stupid daisy chain thing. oh yeah just for ur information, the daisy chain thing is like, from one adaptor, you can 'split' the head into a few. so usually one adaptor can power up one pedal. with the daisy chain, with one adaptor, you can power up a few pedals at once, depending on how many 'splits' the daisy chain has. usually three or five.

still never ready for cny. i hate buying new clothes when forced to. and that's why most of my cny clothes, u rarely see me wearing them after cny because either it feels too new, not really comfy to wear, or the material isn't really comfy because i bought it out of desperation (because if i don't buy any clothes my mum will nag at me). new year = new clothes bla bla bla.

and feeling a little nostalgic today. love x-japan =)

Sunday, February 3, 2008


pretty early in the morning eh? 2am?

yeah had a long day, 50% of it was in yamaha. i mean, who the fuck lepaks at a music school on saturdays. geez im a pure loser. if lepaking at the mall, then that's acceptable. or even at the cybercafe, or mamak, or snooker center. but in a music school. my god, even i couldn't believe it.

and at night there weren't any plans either, so i could officially conclude that my saturday nights are basically 'dead'. wait, i forgot to include fridays as well. 90% of my friday and saturday nights are DEAD. you hear me?

geez, almost 19 and only entered clubs twice. how pathetic is that?

and to label myself a not-so-good-boy? i doubt i even fall under that category. i think i'm just slightly below the 'good boy' level. my god this is so boring.

all the time i come here and rant about how imperfect i am, how shitty i feel about my life, my craving for booze and guitars, this and that. seriously, what the fuck else is there to read on my blog? i hardly ever write about what happened throughout my whole day and what i did, i never wrote any thoughtful or inspiring posts, or even opinions on important issues. shit, what's my blog for? who killed alvinkei? the alvinkei i knew was fuckin dead 2 years ago.

when i am a nice guy, i'm taken for granted and get 'used' by others.

when i am an asshole, people want to know me.

when i am myself, i'll be emo because i'm too quiet for others to be around with.

weird, ain't it?

so tell me, how could i be happy?

this is good : X-Japan

Friday, February 1, 2008

wow february

i'm still feeling the xmas and new year mood actually.

and still, i'm not really improving much on the guitar still. can't sweep to save my life either. ah, here's an example of sweep picking:


and if you still wana read, here's sweep picking =)

plus a vid:

i wana be able to sweep pick properly before my birthday. which means, clean and neat sweeps... gee such a hard task la =(

i just watched this old movie (1986) called Crossroads. it's about a kid who's on a journey to find a 'lost song' in the world of blues. pretty cool blues stuff in it!

if you can recognise, he's the boy from 'the karate kid'! and he's playing a telecaster! just love that vintage shape.

some pictures for me to get inspired to rock on hardcore

Thursday, January 31, 2008


wooo tiring day today.

rained like hell after class, called up my piano teacher to postpone the class to saturday 5.30pm (ah yes i'll be staying at yamaha the whole day again.)

went over to midvalley to celebrate ma fren's birthday. eric if u ever happen to stumble upon this blog, happy birthday. pretty glad with my progress in brickfields asia college so far. making new friends along the way and stuffs. still remembered how i dread going to college in the beginning of the course because i didn't really know anyone there and i was such a social coward. i guess things are pretty going my way recently. =)

still having some backache. hopefully it gets well by saturday.

tried two guitars in bentley today with jie juan. ibanez SA120 (his target) and another SA series guitar, neck thru! what i liked about the SA120 is although it is bolt-on, it's relatively cheap compared to squiers and it's almost the same price for some china-made guitar or a budget guitar. for 25% off (3 days only) it's around 800. it's a H-H guitar, and both the humbuckers sound pretty good for the price you're paying.

next, tried the neck thru SA. i'm still very tone deaf regarding the body wood and maple top or whatever that is.... but didn't quite like its H-S-S configuration, which was same like my yamaha pacifica. that's why i changed mine to H-S-H. didn't quite like the single coil neck pickup. doesn't give much of a fat tone that i'm craving for. single coils with distortion gives that thin weedy tone and most of the times the sound of your pick is loud too. nevertheless, i can't quite judge a guitar yet because i'm still a newbie. all my love goes to humbuckers for the moment.

oh yea! i stumbled upon this in bentley:

going for RM980. =)

and to end the day, i love this line : FUCK FEAR , DRINK BEER. courtesy of amanda

carlsberg for the win! <3
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