Friday, February 29, 2008


really no money to buy new guitar..

and i doubt that i'll have the time to play it either..

that's why im putting my D Sonic back on sale, hopefully someone buys it and puts it to good use =(

unless i can find a real cheapass guitar to fit it in.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


its time to start studyin motherfucker..

offer and acceptance:

offer - statement by one party of a willingness to enter into contract on stated terms

ITT - willingness to enter into negotiation, hoping it will lead to an offer

Gibson v Man City Council - distinguish offer and ITT

pharmaceutical society of GB v boots cash chemists - contract formed when goods placed on desk

fisher v bell - (flick knives) display in shop is ITT

partridge v crittenden - (sell birds) advertisement is ITT

in auction, contract formed when hammer fall

carlill v carbolic smoke ball co. ltd - advertisement to the world at large , unilateral offer


routledge v grant - withdraw anytime b4 acceptance

dickinson v dodds - revocation must be communicated b4 acceptance but can be thru reliable 3rd party

Monday, February 25, 2008


19 yrs old........... n stil the youngest among my friends haha!

watched vantage point just now.. freakin good movie although the repeat of the incidents (especially before the shooting) is kinda boring. explosion over n over again. but the way the story unfolds is just awesome !!

geez at first wanted to get a tattoo for this birthday but ... i don't have money!!!

wanted to do something like a pattern around my current tattoo.. something like the ESP logo on the side of my blog.

oh yeah thanks to everyone who wished me happy birthday. this year was indeed one long-ass nice 'celebration'. started from friday (23rd feb), and its gona stretch until 1st of March. feel that now its time to rekindle my relationship with all ma old friends, and not forgetting the new ones too..

and no, my birthday target wasn't achieved. i didn't get drunk or wasted. =(

its my birthdayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

yay yay yay

one year older

shud be more handsome

shud have longer hair

shud have bigger dick too hahahhaa

shud be smarter

shud be more pro in guitar

woo hoo...................

drunk drunk drunk


Sunday, February 24, 2008


alright here's a list of what i've received for my birthday:

KANZY - dog keychain

NIKI - big ass cadbury chocolate

DAD'S FRENS - angpows

MYSELF - metal muff

oh yea! i still have one ticket to redeem for the GSC birthday treat.

any places/restaurants give u free stuffs on your birthday?



my eyes..........


i got a dog from kanzy today..

okay not a real dog but a keychain dog. haha

alaa.. gona be 1 year older.. but not richer.. not handsomer.. not pro-er.. not 1337-er.. not luckier also (was i ever lucky?)

Friday, February 22, 2008

fuck you

here's another of my 'emo moment before something happens' syndrome.

well, usually i'd get emo before i go through something which is considered, well, 'something' la! like, xmas, new year, and especially birthdays. yeah there's only 3 more days to my birthday. and weeks before this , i was planning to have a 3 day party-like-fuckin-hell weekend. which means friday nite, saturday nite and sunday nite drinkin shitloads of booze until i can't remember my name. that was my plan for this birthday.

as u can see, every birthday i just NEED to do something memorable. well, i just need to do something unique or something that i don't always do. and for you to read that 'alvinkei doesn't get drunk often, or doesn't drink alot often' because (read up) I DONT HAVE THE FUCKING DRINKING KAKI.

yes, this post is dedicated to my fuckin complaints of not drinking enough, and staying sober for too long. i remembered the last real time that i got high was back in august last year. pathetic eh? half a year gone and i've never really gotten high. it SUCKS being sober for too long. some weekends i get the real urge to drink and drink and drink, chugging down pints of beer throughout the night. but? but NO, i dont have the drinking kaki. i only have like, what, FIVE (or maybe less than that) people whom i can actually call out. and all of them don't fucking drink.

oh yeah! laugh away - i'm considered a clubbing virgin. how pathetic is that.

let me see, i pierced my ear on 25th feb 2006.

i dont remember what the fuck i did on 25th feb 2007. seriously, i don't know. i just know that it was a real fucked up period of time. i didn't really enjoy myself, but was depressed instead.

25th feb 2008? what awaits me?

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